Thursday, July 24, 2008

That brown eco-silk might as well have been burlap...

Season 5 of Project Runway proceeds with an earth friendly challenge and a celebrity guest judge who is actually a real celebrity. I've provided, you, dear reader, with my thoughts, minute by minute. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The Best (according to the judges)

The Worst (according to the judges)

8:59 Resisting the urge to read episode info...

9:01 Suede talking about Suede is going to get old very quickly.

9:04 This model drafting is all too reminiscent of gym class.

9:05 Making a cocktail dress for the model? Snooze (unless it's anything like the model wedding dress fiasco of season 1).

9:06 Green fabrics? Good. This challenge? Still, yawn.

9:07 The models pick the fabric, now I'm awake. If there's one thing we've learned after religiously watching Project Runway for several seasons, it's that a lovely face and good style do not go hand-in-hand.

9:17 Blayne, like I have mentioned before, the whole -licious thing will not take off. I'm not the only one that thinks so.

9:18 Kelli to Stella "Hey, Drapey Draperson!" Now, there's a catchphrase.

9:20 I'm drooling over the dress Emily is wearing. In fact, I'm being more entertained by the designer's outfits than what they're sewing. Just look at Kenley's entire persona or Leanne's geeky-chic glasses.

9:21 Tim Gunn just said "hot mess." A sign of the apocalypse, perhaps?

9:24 A young celebrity?!? -oohs and ahs-

9:29 If Stella needed leather so badly, maybe she could just use some of Blayne's overly tan skin?

9:36 A Rachel Zoe reality show? I think I'm going to "die" Remind me not to tune in (although, I inevitably will).

9:39 Notice that Nina is now just "editor-at-large."

9:39 The young celebrity guest judge is...Natalie Portman! I wish I could stand behind a shadow screen and do jazz hands and look as cute as her.

9:40 Keith, your dress reminds me of fine draperies. A bubble hem? Seriously? I though we had moved on.

9:42 These designers aren't doing much to promote eco-fabric.

9:46 Wait, Stella's is one of the best? It looks like something a semi-rocker girl would wear to her 1998.

9:47 Leanne's is one of the worst? I find it interesting and adorable. Those darn judges...

9:56 I can't get over how much Suede's dress reminds me of my tot ballet class costume.

9:57 It's OK, Kenley, yours is still lovely.

9:58 Leanne! Leanne! Leanne!

9:59 I'm sorry, Wesley, your look is clean and classy, that dress, however, is not.

10:00 Next week: ponchos, trash talk, and a Tim Gunn freakout. I can't wait!

Those were my thoughts on this week's episode, what about yours, dear reader?


Kaitlin Rae said...

lol nice play by play!!!
i didn't like stellas either!!! i was freaking out when they said hers looked good, but whatever

Copycat Sasha said...

I love Leanne's look! (her hair, her glasses) but Suede's dress was definitely my favorite. Stella's was okay..