Saturday, July 19, 2008

Carryall is not a literal term, ahem.

Rotten milk. Previously chewed gum. Unidentifiable substance that you think is peanut butter. What do all of these things have in common? Yes, they all happen to be things you could find in a dumpster, but that's not what I'm talking about. All of these things mysteriously work their way to the surface of my schoolbag by the end of the year. Dear reader, much to your surprise, the floors of the average high school are by no means clean, especially the floors of the cafeteria.

There are always inevitable moments where I must place my schoolbag on said dirty floors. It is during these moments that I believe my schoolbag becomes an unintentional paper towel for the filth created by the oh-so-lovely students. I find it rather unfair that my poor schoolbag is trashed, while I seem to be the only one to pick up after myself -sigh-. But don't worry, dear reader, my days of religiously scrubbing Tide-to-go pens across my poor schoolbag in a bathroom stall could soon be over.
This swoon-worthy carryall bag by Orla Kiely has a comfy handle, roomy pockets for my pencils, a versatile color palette, and space for my textbooks. Best of all, the fabric is laminated. So, if this lovely bag is attacked by the lunch room floor monster, I just need to wipe it clean. Granted, it is $185, and, like I've said many times before, I just don't have that kind of moolah to be throwing around, but, maybe with a little begging and pleading (and, um, hair pulling, door throwing,and a bit of screaming) I'll be able to convince my dear parents that this bag will, essentially, give me a happier, more peaceful, and cleaner schoolyear. Fingers crossed.

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Nay'Chelle said...

The bag has such a lovely print!