Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This will make your eyes as big as your cake plate.

If you haven't noticed, I have quite a cupcake fetish. Cupcakes are all that is good in this world. They are sweet, beautiful,and best of all, make people genuninely happy (I mean, come on, have you ever ate a cupcake without experiencing at least a teensy bit of joy?). So, naturally, when I came across this lovely specimen, pictured below, I became very happy. The Great Cupcake Pan from Williams-Sonoma creates a cupcake of gigantic proportions with two sections; one shaped like the frosting and one like the cake. The frosting shaped portion can even be filled with ice cream to make an ice cream cupcake (ice cream cupcake! a giant ice cream cupcake!). It sells for $35 and is available at your local Williams-Sonoma or williams-sonoma.com. Now, granted, I don't have $35 to blow on a giant cupcake pan, but the next time someone asks what I would like for a gift, I'll know what to tell them (wink wink, dear reader).


Anonymous said...

That is a very clever idea. oh i do love cupcakes as much i you do. n___n. i think i may have to buy one too.

teenvoguette said...

oh how yummy a cupcake sounds right now... i might have to go get one lol

emily said...

i am now feeling ridiculously inspired to bake huge amounts of cupcakes now
and i really really really want that now