Monday, July 21, 2008

A Spectacle of Sorts

The other day, I decided to visit Jonathan Adler's online shop. You may ask, dear reader, what is a teenage gal like me doing visiting the site of an interior design maven? Well, it could be that HGTV has been blasting on my television lately, due to my mom's interior design obsession, and that it has now trickled down to me.

Jonathan Adler creates rooms and furniture in the style which he calls "happy chic." Happy and chic, it is indeed, but, since I'm only a child, I really have no need for fine home furnishings (and even if I did, I would probably visit my very affordable friends at Ikea. Their food court alone is a reason to visit.). After looking over the said fine furnishings that I don't need, I stumbled upon the "curiosities page," where I found this lovely specimen, below.

This groovy needlepoint eyeglass case is the perfect thing to hold my spectacles. I've been searching for a cute case for so long (the clunky brown leather one that came with my glasses is a real bore) and this seems just right. There's also other novelty needlepoint goodies like coin purses and pencil cases, all of which can be found here. Of course, as everything that I seem to want these days is, it's a bit costly for me at $38. Yet another item to add to my list, entitled "Get Money/Beg Parents."

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