Friday, July 25, 2008

News Bits and Baubles

As you embark on your weekend, dear reader, here are some fascinating, lovely, interesting, and slightly thought provoking (please excuse my excessive adjective use) snippets to keep your ingenious brain from turning to mush as you absorb endless television marathons and devour boxes of popsicles (what? Am I the only one that spends their weekend that way?).

When in doubt, eat the whole thing.

+I am absolutely delighted to see that tween (please excuse my use of the word tween) bloggers are getting attention. This bit talks about 12-year-old fashion blogger Tavi (we linked her blog, Style Rookie, look at the blogroll to your right), who is soon appearing in The New York Times style magazine, T. After visiting her blog, I think I can concur that this lovely little girl (little girl? who am I to talk? I'm a mere 2 and 3/4 years older) has much cooler style than most grown women.

+Remember my banter on how eco-friendly living is becoming a fad? Well, apparently, that's not just an opinion, but a fact.

+ While the rest of us may be relaxing and taking in the heat of summer, it's holiday season for brands. Check out how Sephora plans to lure us into buying overpriced cosmetics for our loved ones, come December. I secretly wish someone would gift me that giant lipstick.

+California bans all trans-fats in restaurants. According to this article, they've already been banned in my neck of the woods, too. I didn't even notice (I guess, that's a good sign?). Good news, Californians, you can feed your donut habit without all the guilt of trans fat. Go ahead, grab another chocolate glazed with sprinkles!


Paige said...

i went to style rookie's blog (tavi) and i read some. it's amazing. my sister is that old.(i'm 15 may i add) it's just so amazingly cool. and it's really, really sad about that whole NY mag thing.
***and i also spend my weekends eating popsicles and watching tv.

mary said...

Ughh the green thing makes me so angry, same with Darfur and AIDS. Follow through, earth citizens!

I'd love to link :)