Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a public service announcement.

Listen to your weatherman. Do not wear rubber shoes when he says it will sleet and hail the size of everlasting gobstoppers will fall on your head. Just because your little piggies are slightly claustrophobic does that mean you should give into their desires by wearing footless tights.
Just say no. Or they'll end up like this.
Why hello there, pleased to make your aquaintance.
Shirt/skirt: H&M. Tights: stolen from my mom.Shoes: Target. Hair: not cooperating.Ever. Pose:awkward. Apologies.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Some mornings I stumble out of bed and can't make coherent outfits/thoughts. I can't distinguish what is a sweater and what is a sneaker. If I do not have adequate amounts of pancakes and/or orange juice in my system, there is good chance you can find me walking to the bus without pants.

For days like those, these would really come in handy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

i am just a cotton headed ninny-muggins.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, my dear. I kept busy by baking colossal amounts of pie, entertaining bum college students, and watching Bolt in 3D (the most intense movie.EVER).

Today is my birthday* and I just opened my shiny new camera, which means pretty soon we'll have real live photos, folks (gasp). Until then, I am just sitting around watching Elf, eating this birthday cake that I am convinced is Hanukkah themed, and wondering if me and Buddy were separated at both. We both enjoy the same pastimes (see: making snow angels, smiling, eating Tollhouse cookie dough, snuggling etc.)

Oh and I'm also loathing the rain. For crying out loud, it's not even snow, it's just weird sort of slippery sleet stuff that seeps into your socks and gives you the sniffles. And I can't even wear a cute raincoat. I just resemble Randy from a Christmas Story (You know, in that part where his mom makes him where like 12 parkas and he can't fend off the bullies. STORY OF MY LIFE) for most of the wintertime. I need some alternatives to keep me toasty...

1.Yokoo Citron Snuggler, Etsy, $50. This is essentially the outerwear equivalent of your childhood blankey. Basically anything by Yokoo has my heart.

2.Long Yellow Gloves, Forever 21, $6.80. My mom came home with these bad boys last week and I keep *borrowing* them.

3.Aspen Anorak, Delias, $79.50. This would keep me warm without the whole Michelin Man look.

Monday, November 17, 2008

walking on sunshine.

I'm sitting here wearing these flats . I swear, every time I look at them I smile a little. Unfortunately, I have to take them off soon and bid adieu for two weeks, as they're supposed to be a birthday gift. And I was so close in kidnapping them and their lemony yellow goodness...

Me: -hears the mailman- The mail's here. I shall go get it! -squeals at sight of Urban Outfitters package-
Mom: Is there anything good?
Me: at all. Nothing. Just a Dr. Leonard's* catalogue and some bills.
Mom: What's in that box?
Me: Bagels with lox? That sounds great!
Me:What? -smuggles box-
*seriously, if you know what this is, can we be lifelong friends?

And speaking of birthdays, I am now the proud owner of a Canon Powershot randomnumbersidonotbothertoacknowledge. That, too, was unable to be kidnapped despite my best efforts with the awkward Best Buy kid. You'll just have to wait until December for this blog to become slightly less lame.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Words fail me.{available here}

Monday, November 10, 2008

peanut butter & jams.

Sometimes procrastination is my best time of productivity. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, let's just say I should be doing something important, like studying for a biology exam, and I decide I must go bake cookies at once.
Or I get all crafty and decide to make an iMix just for you, my dolls, like I *might* have done last night when I should have been studying for, er, biology.* Plus, you know those 30 second snippets are the greatest way to kill time.

I can't figure out how to copy the picture with all the record covers (if you know how, please share). Until then, let's admire flickr user iirraa's triple decker pb&j, shall we?
Quirky & Co. Playlist 1

Judy is a Punk - The Ramones

Dancing With Myself - Nouvelle Vague

Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Sympathique - Pink Martini

Manhattan - Ella Fitzgerald

Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones

Funny Face - Ella Fitzgerald

Kiss Off - Violent Femmes

Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel

I Feel It All - Feist

Play With Fire - The Rolling Stones

My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down - The Ramones

Yes, it's a bit random. I have no extraordinary music discovery skills. Please enjoy.

*Whenever teachers tell us that every single exam is vital to our future, I appease myself with dreams of being discovered in a book store and then becoming a supermodel. The fact that I have no idea where the golgi apparatus is won't matter then, now will it?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

my legs don't ask for much.

They just wanted a pair of these polka dot tights. So I forked over my hard earned $5.99 for them. (Now, it is brought to my attention that they should've been $4.19. WHAT GIVES TARGET? RIPPING OFF A 14 YEAR OLD? REALLY?)
P.S. I know this blog is terribly blah, as of late. Coming soon: camera.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I rather feel like expressing myself now.

Funny Face came on cable the other night and it reminded me of this epic beyond words Gap commercial.

And then it got me thinking: I really miss choreographed Gap ads.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


20 years ago today, Imelda Marcos was charged with fraud and racketeering. Proof that you can have too many shoes (1060 too many pairs, to be exact).

I find it to be no coincidence (seriously, I get mail like once a decade) that I just so happened to come home to find a Delias catalog in the mail that included many pairs I want. Badly. I thought "Who still shops at Delias? It's such a tacky teenybopper store." Apparently, I should be shopping at Delias.

Clockwise from right, Charlotte $39.50, Doc Martens $110.50, Tabitha $39.50,Lissa $39.50

Thankfully, you can afford to buy these without being indicted.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

my dog ate my blog.

This is a note to all four of my dear readers who have been wondering why this blog is such a disappointment as of late. I wish I could say that I was in a third world country, helping small orphans and contracted a mysterious virus that impairs my blogging habits, but the truth is that I have been sitting around eating unhealthy amounts of bacon and watching Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten is my role model, people. For real).

"Next, just add 6 sticks of butter and 3 cups of bacon drippings! Pop it in the oven and then pour some chocolate on top. How gorgeous is that?" Hearts.

Oh and, in case I haven't said it 12 times before, my camera has taken a one-way ticket to Deadsville (one way ticket to Deadsville? I need to get out more) . We all know a blog without a camera is like a book without pages (I cannot fathom how deep I am). After pestering my parents and preparing them elaborate meatloaf and chocolate cake dinners, they have agreed to buy me a camera for my birthday.

So, you're wondering, why should I care? This means that in one short month there will be awkward photo shoots, failed DIY projects, and baked goods galore around here. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a public service announcement.

Save 57 predictable minutes of your life and look at the Project Runway collections here. Because I bet you all an ice cream cake that the finale will go like this:

Darn you, Kenley. I want to hate you, but this is so so so cute.


10:10-10:20: A model will not show up. Someone will have an emotional breakdown. Tim Gunn will make everything better. The model shows up, albeit extremely hungover. Everyone is happy.

10:25- 10:27: Heidi Klum spiels in a miniskirt.

10:30-10:45: We finally see the clothes.

10: 45- 10:57: "Impeccable taste blah blah blah slutty slutty blah blah blah ..." -Michael Kors

*We tune in*

10:59: The winner is announced (TEAM LEANNE) and I am finally free from the most uninspiring season yet. Phew.

So, please, do yourselves a favor and tune into the Presidential Debate instead. Or, if you want to really shake things up, the Phillies vs. Dodgers game. Yes, even a baseball game amuses me more than this season.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

even better than the marshmallow variety. is very lovely site I stumbled upon. Everything looks completely wearable and unique. Nothing costs over $65. I'm quite postive I need every single thing there. Yes, indeed.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go dig through my sofa cushions for some spare change.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Legalize Frostitution

Maybe when I called this shirt the greatest tee ever, I spoke too soon. (available here)

Monday, September 29, 2008

High. Waisted. Let the good times roll.

No, no, dear reader, I am not participating in substance abuse, mind you. I am just infatuated by my new skirt. You know if I *had a camera* maybe I could capture myself wearing it, along with today's outfit, in it's shiny, happy, yellow glory, awkward poses and all.

But, alas, my photographic friend has faced one too many frightening encounters with bowls of cake batter (please, don't ask). No worries, folks, my handy dandy pack of 25 Sharpies and ancient scanner are here to save the day! Look, I even managed to capture the awkward pose!
P.S. Supertalent Courtney from Shopaholic Chic achieved Maharishi t-shirt DIY success! If my procrastination does not get the best of me, I'll attempt my own version soon.

P.S.S. (or is it P.P.S?) My thoughts on last weeks Project Runway: YOU DO NOT MESS WITH TIM GUNN, KENLEY. WATCH YOUR BACK.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'd like to supersize that,please, Miuccia.

This book makes me insanely happy. It's like Fast Food Nation for the fashion industry. Possible book club read? (Speaking of which, you all need to join. NOW.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Project Runway Recap: Outsie Daisy*

I'm so very sorry about the lack Project Runway posts, dear reader, but, like I've said before, this show is getting on my nerves. I was a very very bad viewer and went ahead and looked at the Bryant Park collections on line.

Let me tell you, I'm pretty certain who is going to win that I'd bet a pan of Nutella brownies (heads up, I'm going to attempt to create these in the coming weeks) over it. Yep.
Alrighty then, here are some of my thoughts on last night's episode:
+When Joe first mentioned "skirt suit" my reaction went something like this "-no surprise whatsoever- Uh, come one Joe. NO ONE wears a a skirt suit, unless of course it's 1984 and your name is Alexis Carrington Colby. That's right, a Dynasty reference, I WENT THERE. You know what, wait, no. You probably took that as a compliment, being that when you call something 'sharp,' you're not referring to a pair of scissors. No siree."

Although, his final look seemed fit for someone who wanted be a "sexy librarian" for Halloween and failed miserably.

+ Dear Jerrell,
Effective immediately: please abort all wearing of chapeaus that resemble the love child of a portobella mushroom and a tarantula.

The Committee For The Well Being of All Humanity

+Dear Kenley,
No one likes you anymore, well, except you. Sure, you dress super cute and we often drool over your hair accessories, but I'm convinced your only good qualities are dressing super cute and making drool worthy hair accessories. Get a muzzle already.
The Greater Good of All Mankind

+Be warned: I dry heaved, then got down on my hands and knees, begging the Lord to give me my sight back after my retinas were burned from the picture below.

*I'm not quite sure why the episode was called this, because Joe is out,maybe? But he is, certainly, no daisy. No, no, he is more like a dandelion, and not even in the cute "Aww, look at the dandelion!" way, more like the "Why have you lasted so long in my yard, even though you deserved to be weeded weeks ago?" sort of way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little. But oh so big.

I have come to realize the fact that I am a cold, heartless person. Why,dear reader, you may ask? Well it goes a little something like this:

I stumbled upon these looks from Little Marc by Marc Jacobs. Instead of cooing to myself "Aww, look at the chic little children. Too cute!,"the monster inside me started uttering unladylike phrases of jealously. "You are five. You will get spaghetti sauce all over that. Darn you, five-year-old hipster!"

I then quickly reminded myself that it is a good week when I have only gotten food on two of my shirts. So, I will just look up (or down, i guess...) to these tots for some outfit inspiration, because really, can we ever have enough?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, just the greatest tee. Ever.

Why must you cost $69 AUD? According to my Google guided calculations, that's $55.53. Don't you know that my weekly income consists of $0.85 and some Canadian coin I found in my couch?

I will now proceed to pray to the Forever 21 gods for a cheap imitation. Le sigh.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Velvet Cake Bites*

These cake bites (via Bakerella) are quite possibly the greatest achievement in cake since the cupcake. Yes, they're that amazing.

Want to make new pals? Make your parents forget about that "intimate gathering" with 56 of your closest friends you held while they were out of town last week? Make these. People will worship at your feet.

While my attempt to make them was certainly not as pretty, they we're scrumptious. Be warned: the cute little bite factor will fool you into eating five. Or seven. Believe me, I know -wallows in self guilt-.

*Bakerella actually calls these Red Velvet Cake Balls. I just have a weird qualm about eating desserts associated with the word "balls".I blame it all on this EPIC SNL skit I was traumatized by as a small child:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Highly Coveted Objects (Part 2 of 10607)

There is too much to love about this t-shirt dress by Maharishi. Oh the trompe l'oeil necklace! The puff sleeves! Somebody get me a hanes tee and some fabric paint, stat. I spy a DIY in my future.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It.

That's right,folks, anybody who's anybody is joining the Quirky & Co. Book Club.

I've decided that our first Quirky and Company book club read will be I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley. I know I'm being a bit of a book club tyrant (if there ever was such a thing...) by picking the book without the highly intelligent opinions of you, dear reader, but I chose it because a.) after reading the first few essays of the book, I've deemed it quite hilarious, b.) I thought since we can't have real snacks, we might as well read a book with cake in the title,C.) just look how darn pretty that cover is, and d.) I had a coupon for 20% off bestselling paperbacks and we all know that I am a cheapskate.

If you'd like to join:
1. Post a comment expressing your interest.
2. Mosey on over to your local bookstore or library (or bum your friend with really great taste in literature's copy) and pick up a copy of the book.
3. Devour every single page of it by the end of September (Don't worry, if you don't finish it until October 1st, we won't kick you out, I'll just give you really dirty looks from behind my my computer monitor.Kidding!).
4. E-mail me ( your thoughts, likes/dislikes, and favorite parts etc. of the book to be included in an upcoming post.

P.S. If you're a member of the Teen Vogue forums, let me know, so, just like the twinset wearing, crudites eating counterparts, we can coordinate an actual discussion.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gossip Girl (and Boy)

I'm digging this fall look from Lorick by Abigail Lorick (via NYMag). If you remember correctly, dear reader, she got her start when Gossip Girl used her line as Eleanor Waldorf's on the show. Speaking of Gossip Girl, did anyone else tune in the other night? Did anyone else catch the annoyingly obnoxious product placements for Dunkin' Donuts, Vitamin Water, and a bajillion other things?

I really love to hate Gossip Girl. I've come to the realization that I cannot watch that show without screaming at the television in disgust multiple times. "YOU ARE ALL SPOILED BRATS. Yes, even you, Humphrey children ,who live on the "wrong side of the tracks." Last time I checked, Jenny, poor kids don't carry multiple Foley and Corinna bags and live in chic Williamsburg lofts!"

"You all need to go to church on your way to rehab!""Come on, Nate, you can do so much better than that Botox injected cougar. Seriously, this whole hot teenage boy affair plot is the most overdone thing in television. Desperate Housewives anyone?"

I'm really quite tired of everyone looking to Blair and Serena as the style icons of the show. Last night's headband count was a very disappointing 4. Maybe that's because they're in the Hamptons and they're supposed to be "relaxed" or something (I wouldn't know how one is suppose to dress in the Hamptons. I only know that is where Ina Garten magically makes roast chicken and chocolate cake while donning a denim smock.).
I think we all need to direct our attention to the real style icon of this show, Mr. Chuck Bass. Yep, some are even calling him the next Carrie Bradshaw.

Is it weird that I find myself wondering "Where can I get a shrunken version of that blazer Chuck is sporting?" Yeah, I thought so...

P.S. Please read this reality index of the episode. It will make you spit out your water onto the keyboard like I *might* have done just a few minutes ago.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Highly Coveted Objects (Part 1 of 9387)

Today is September 1st. I am grieving. I just polished off a breakfast of lumberjack proportions. I am moping around in shorts with an elastic waistband (yes, dear reader, you read that correctly). These facts could only mean one thing: summer is over (actually, I do mope around in unattractive sweats and eat a huge breakfast everyday...hmm). Soon, I have to return to that scary, ugly, and sort of slimy (seriously, folks, I have learned the hard way that you should not wear your pretty shoes to school unless you would like them to end up covered in unidentifiable trashcan liquid at the end of the day) place called school.

I WOULD have posted my potential first day outfits here, IF I had a working camera AND a cord to upload photos. I MIGHT have even shown you my AMAZING lavender skinny jeans that I got on SALE. Or the Doo Ri Chung/Teen Vogue DIY shirt that surprisingly turned out wearable after the 8 HOURS I spent creating it. Or MAYBE even my red belt that I found at Goodwill for $1.99, but alas, I cannot, because me and technology aren't friends at the moment.
So, instead, I'll just appease you with these pretty things that I want for fall.

1. American Apparel Striped Cardigan. Even though your ads often times resemble something you might find in a publication hidden underneath a pubescent boy's bed (AHEM.WINK,WINK. COUGH,COUGH), American Apparel, I will not hesitate to hand over my hard earned $44 dollars for this cardigan. It's just that perfect.

2.Marc By Marc Jacobs Patent Pumps. I hate you, Bloomingdale's shoe sale rack. I hate it when you toy with my emotions when you hold these beauties, which I have been swooning over for the last 3 months, in my size, underneath the sign that clearly reads "TAKE AN EXTRA 40% OFF!" I hate it when said shoes fit like a glove the salesgirl informs me that they are misplaced and are, in fact, not on sale. -Intense anger towards inanimate object-.

3. Old Navy Turquoise Patent Belt. Not only is this belt pretty and affordable, it kind of reminds me of the blue Fruit Rollups (and anyone worth knowing will tell you the blue Fruit Rollups are the best kind).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway Recap: This Show is Driving ME Crazy

I know, dear reader, you're probably thinking "Where are your Project Runway recaps? Huh? I want to hear your slightly witty banters on drag queens in sequin sailor suits and cocktail numbers constructed entirely out of seatbelts! Give me my recaps, woman, or else."

Or, most likely, you're thinking "Hmm, she hasn't posted a Project Runway Recap in a while...oh boy, I never realized how many bagel crumbs there are on my keyboard...crap, I forgot to return Definitely, Maybe to Blockbuster..."
Can we all just direct our attention to the way  Tim looks in this picture? I heart him.

I'm suffering a mild case of the Project Runway blues, so I thought I'd take a little break from the recaps. Don't fret though, here is an absolutely hilarious recap for those of you who missed it. Now that Keith and his annoying feel-sorry-for-me-I-live-in-Utah attitude are gone, I might be able to return next week with my most vibrant recap ever.

P.S. Tim Gunn recently described Miley Cyrus' style as "too tarty." Yet another reason why we love you, Tim (No, I do not read Page Six all day. I found this on the Best Week Ever Blog, thank you very much).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Madewell 1937,

Please, stop toying with my emotions. I am just a kid, for crying out loud. Why must you show me this extremely lovely lookbook of things I can't have or afford? Yes, I get it, you make the most insanely perfect boots ever. Your scarves are a thing of beauty, I know.
Stop being so darn effortlessly chic and cool like the J.Crew little sister that you are. You see that little smirk the model, above, is sporting? That smirk says "Yep, that's right. I get to WEAR these clothes and you, Gabby, cannot because you live in Someplace, Somewhere, where they do not have a Madewell 1937. I'm pretty sure sunshine is just about to radiate out of my tush any second now because I am just so darn happy to be wearing this perfect schoolboy blazer, not to mention get my picture taken with it. Now, excuse me while I go change into my expertly washed denim that you can't have."

You're launching an online shop soon, says the huge message when we enter your site. Until you get your act together, Madewell, I will scrimp and save my meager allowance for a trip to your nearest location. In which case, my monthly income of $0.57 will barely pay for me to back out of the driveway. Great, now I've wasted my valuable afternoon writing you this letter. I could have been digging through sofa cushions for coins or selling lemonade.

P.S. We could easily clear up all of this tension if you sent me a skinny patent belt in either red or yellow, or any color, for that matter. I'm not picky. Oh and if you threw in a pair of yellow ankle boots in a size 7.5, that would just be dandy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pantsuit

This is an urgent live post. As I'm sitting here at the computer, absentmindedly searching through itunes, my father is watching CNN in the background. My attention is grabbed by the fact that Hillary Clinton is sporting a NEON ORANGE PANTSUIT.
I would just like to be put on the record as the first person to document this fact.

I'm wondering if this is an attempt to direct our attention towards her, because, if so, it's working. She is grabbing our attention like a neon traffic cone. "Stop, look at me. I will go about saying I'm all for Obama, but the truth is I want you all to look at me in all of my shiny, orange glory!"

Or maybe when Blayne mentioned creating a neon pantsuit for her a few weeks back on Project Runway, she took him up on it?

Or perhaps she's actually being a comedic genious and playing up the thousands of pantsuits remarks shes gained throughout her career? In which case, we applaud her.

Update:She just used the phrase "Sisterhood of The Traveling Pantsuits." We are dying. Dying.

Even Better Update (8/28): -speechless-

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Always Wanted To Be a Tenenbaum

That's right, dear reader, I finally saw The Royal Tenenbaums. I know what most of you who are thinking: "Puh-lease. Who does this kid think she is? Doesn't she know that that movie has
been out for like ever? Hasn't she realized everyone has seen it? Oh, and has she not heard about this?"

It's just that I made this plan to become more culturally educated where I would spend the entire summer watching movies and reading books I had always wanted to see, but never had.

After one week of that, I somehow ended up in a very non-culturally educating environment that consisted of watching the Food Network for hours on end and reading the entire Twilight series.

Now, summer's almost over and I've decided that my knowledge of that cream shouldn't be whipped in a metal bowl or that male vampires can get human women pregnant (I know, I know, shocking, isn't it?) isn't going to get me far. I need to at least make a tiny dent in my list.

So, after watching The Royal Tenenbaums, I have deemed it the greatest movie.EVER (well, besides Crossroads, starring Britney Spears, of course*). I'm pretty sure I even loved more than The Darjeeling Limited, and that's saying a lot. Not to mention, I think Margot has become my official style icon.

I give The Royal Tenenbaums 6 out of 5 cupcakes. That's right, 6 out of 5. It's just that special.
*Sarcasm, folks. Sheesh.
P.S. Watch the trailer for this film. It will warm your heart.