Monday, June 30, 2008

WARNING:Do not scroll down if susceptible to cravings.

I plan to make this in the upcoming week. Hopefully the results will be as appetizing as this looks(fingers crossed)!

A Pocketful of Posie

Those of us who love Benetint, Benefit's lip and cheek stain with a cult following, will be happy to hear about a new version called Posietint. Like it's fantastic older sister, Posietint comes in a little bottle and is applied with a brush, but has a more of a natural pink tone rather than the flushed red that comes from Benetint. Naturally, as a huge fan of Benetint, I made an effort to stop by my local Sephora and give it a try. The bottle isn't glass like Benetint, but rather metallic. It's actually quite adorable and would make any dresser look proud, but that's just me thinking about the prettiness of something over the usefulness. The bottle isn't the only thing different, but the texture of Posietint is a gel instead of liquid like it's sibling. Honestly, this feels like rubbing pink nail polish on my face. The color is nice, though, and is very subtle and natural. This is a great alternative for fair-skinned darlings like me, because Benetint must be used sparingly or else we look like we belong at the Moulin Rouge, which is a look I don't think anyone would really desire (unless, of course,you spend most of your time doing the can-can). Posietint is currently available at your local Sephora or Benetint counter for $28. The price may seem a bit steep (well, at least for a teenage girl with a net worth of $13.47, like me), but if its anything like Benetint it will last you a lifetime (I've been using a 0.08 oz sample of Benetint from Sephora for the last 3 months and I'm only half way through).

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Up, Up, and Away We Go!

We here at Quirky & Co. are still undergoing some, er, technical (and design) difficulties, but due to my extreme eagerness to start blogging, we'll just pretend there's an "Under Construction. Hard Hats Required." sign hovering over us, not that I want you, dear reader, to have to cope with hat hair. Now comes the part where I make an attempt at a formal introduction that will hopefully convince you to become a faithful reader of my blog forever (fingers crossed). Ok, here it goes,ahem: Quirky & Co. is quite simply the musings of my curious adolescent mind on style, beauty, food, pop culture, and just about everything in between. I'm always plagued by ideas and opinions in my daily life on all sorts of things and thought "Hey, maybe somebody will get a kick out of this." So, I give to you Quirky & Co.
About the Title: After hours of brainstorming and bugging (and screaming at) everyone around me for the perfect title for my blog, I came up with nothing. As I was later digging around in my desk drawer, I came up with a drawing from when I was about 9 or 10. I had drawn a shop (quite well, I might add) where it appears technicolored wigs, British flag jumpers, and bananas of all things were sold. The title on the storefront reads "Quirky & Co." What's a more appropriate name for a blog written by quirky kind of gal on a smorgasbord of topics? Alright, so, up, up, and away we go!
P.S. Doesn't the picture above remind you of the film The Red Balloon?
P.S.S. Those feet in the picture on the header are indeed mine, in case you were wondering.
P.S.S.S. I could go on for hours, but I'll spare you.