Monday, September 1, 2008

Highly Coveted Objects (Part 1 of 9387)

Today is September 1st. I am grieving. I just polished off a breakfast of lumberjack proportions. I am moping around in shorts with an elastic waistband (yes, dear reader, you read that correctly). These facts could only mean one thing: summer is over (actually, I do mope around in unattractive sweats and eat a huge breakfast everyday...hmm). Soon, I have to return to that scary, ugly, and sort of slimy (seriously, folks, I have learned the hard way that you should not wear your pretty shoes to school unless you would like them to end up covered in unidentifiable trashcan liquid at the end of the day) place called school.

I WOULD have posted my potential first day outfits here, IF I had a working camera AND a cord to upload photos. I MIGHT have even shown you my AMAZING lavender skinny jeans that I got on SALE. Or the Doo Ri Chung/Teen Vogue DIY shirt that surprisingly turned out wearable after the 8 HOURS I spent creating it. Or MAYBE even my red belt that I found at Goodwill for $1.99, but alas, I cannot, because me and technology aren't friends at the moment.
So, instead, I'll just appease you with these pretty things that I want for fall.

1. American Apparel Striped Cardigan. Even though your ads often times resemble something you might find in a publication hidden underneath a pubescent boy's bed (AHEM.WINK,WINK. COUGH,COUGH), American Apparel, I will not hesitate to hand over my hard earned $44 dollars for this cardigan. It's just that perfect.

2.Marc By Marc Jacobs Patent Pumps. I hate you, Bloomingdale's shoe sale rack. I hate it when you toy with my emotions when you hold these beauties, which I have been swooning over for the last 3 months, in my size, underneath the sign that clearly reads "TAKE AN EXTRA 40% OFF!" I hate it when said shoes fit like a glove the salesgirl informs me that they are misplaced and are, in fact, not on sale. -Intense anger towards inanimate object-.

3. Old Navy Turquoise Patent Belt. Not only is this belt pretty and affordable, it kind of reminds me of the blue Fruit Rollups (and anyone worth knowing will tell you the blue Fruit Rollups are the best kind).


Kat said...

blue fruit rollups are so NOT the best kind. they turned your lips blue! i'm personally against any food that imprints itself upon you for the rest of the afternoon.

still, all those items make me realize my wardrobe is sadly lacking in awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Was this belt recent because I really love it and want to buy it..... Email me back if you can help me