Monday, August 25, 2008

I Always Wanted To Be a Tenenbaum

That's right, dear reader, I finally saw The Royal Tenenbaums. I know what most of you who are thinking: "Puh-lease. Who does this kid think she is? Doesn't she know that that movie has
been out for like ever? Hasn't she realized everyone has seen it? Oh, and has she not heard about this?"

It's just that I made this plan to become more culturally educated where I would spend the entire summer watching movies and reading books I had always wanted to see, but never had.

After one week of that, I somehow ended up in a very non-culturally educating environment that consisted of watching the Food Network for hours on end and reading the entire Twilight series.

Now, summer's almost over and I've decided that my knowledge of that cream shouldn't be whipped in a metal bowl or that male vampires can get human women pregnant (I know, I know, shocking, isn't it?) isn't going to get me far. I need to at least make a tiny dent in my list.

So, after watching The Royal Tenenbaums, I have deemed it the greatest movie.EVER (well, besides Crossroads, starring Britney Spears, of course*). I'm pretty sure I even loved more than The Darjeeling Limited, and that's saying a lot. Not to mention, I think Margot has become my official style icon.

I give The Royal Tenenbaums 6 out of 5 cupcakes. That's right, 6 out of 5. It's just that special.
*Sarcasm, folks. Sheesh.
P.S. Watch the trailer for this film. It will warm your heart.


LaCouturier said...

the cupcake ratings are soo adorable!!

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AFitz said...

Oooh I to did a Wes Anderson inspired post on my old blog, www.inspireattire.blogspot.coM!

Kat said...

those are some cute things margot has going on. might have to watch that movie.

also, twilight is evil and i wish to save you from it....

at least you're not a drooling fangirl. i hate that. i hate it so much. i maintain that twilight fans are the most annoying people on the internet, if not the world.

Jessica said...

Haha, god, I love Margot too. I'm going to be her for halloween. My grandma has the perfect mink coat.

Also, I hate Twilight.