Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway Recap: This Show is Driving ME Crazy

I know, dear reader, you're probably thinking "Where are your Project Runway recaps? Huh? I want to hear your slightly witty banters on drag queens in sequin sailor suits and cocktail numbers constructed entirely out of seatbelts! Give me my recaps, woman, or else."

Or, most likely, you're thinking "Hmm, she hasn't posted a Project Runway Recap in a while...oh boy, I never realized how many bagel crumbs there are on my keyboard...crap, I forgot to return Definitely, Maybe to Blockbuster..."
Can we all just direct our attention to the way  Tim looks in this picture? I heart him.

I'm suffering a mild case of the Project Runway blues, so I thought I'd take a little break from the recaps. Don't fret though, here is an absolutely hilarious recap for those of you who missed it. Now that Keith and his annoying feel-sorry-for-me-I-live-in-Utah attitude are gone, I might be able to return next week with my most vibrant recap ever.

P.S. Tim Gunn recently described Miley Cyrus' style as "too tarty." Yet another reason why we love you, Tim (No, I do not read Page Six all day. I found this on the Best Week Ever Blog, thank you very much).


layla angelic said...

Haha "Keith and his annoying feel-sorry-for-me-I-live-in-Utah"

Anonymous said...

awesome blog [;

Gabby said...

Thank you!

megan said...

i loved your last post

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!!!! It inspired me to make one of my own! (even though it is NOTHING like yours. and will probably fail miserably.)
oh well! I still love reading yours. go girll