Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Project Runway Recap: Outsie Daisy*

I'm so very sorry about the lack Project Runway posts, dear reader, but, like I've said before, this show is getting on my nerves. I was a very very bad viewer and went ahead and looked at the Bryant Park collections on line.

Let me tell you, I'm pretty certain who is going to win that I'd bet a pan of Nutella brownies (heads up, I'm going to attempt to create these in the coming weeks) over it. Yep.
Alrighty then, here are some of my thoughts on last night's episode:
+When Joe first mentioned "skirt suit" my reaction went something like this "-no surprise whatsoever- Uh, come one Joe. NO ONE wears a a skirt suit, unless of course it's 1984 and your name is Alexis Carrington Colby. That's right, a Dynasty reference, I WENT THERE. You know what, wait, no. You probably took that as a compliment, being that when you call something 'sharp,' you're not referring to a pair of scissors. No siree."

Although, his final look seemed fit for someone who wanted be a "sexy librarian" for Halloween and failed miserably.

+ Dear Jerrell,
Effective immediately: please abort all wearing of chapeaus that resemble the love child of a portobella mushroom and a tarantula.

The Committee For The Well Being of All Humanity

+Dear Kenley,
No one likes you anymore, well, except you. Sure, you dress super cute and we often drool over your hair accessories, but I'm convinced your only good qualities are dressing super cute and making drool worthy hair accessories. Get a muzzle already.
The Greater Good of All Mankind

+Be warned: I dry heaved, then got down on my hands and knees, begging the Lord to give me my sight back after my retinas were burned from the picture below.

*I'm not quite sure why the episode was called this, because Joe is out,maybe? But he is, certainly, no daisy. No, no, he is more like a dandelion, and not even in the cute "Aww, look at the dandelion!" way, more like the "Why have you lasted so long in my yard, even though you deserved to be weeded weeks ago?" sort of way.


Kat said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ah, project runway. I'm way behind, but I've seen all the Bryant Park collections, so I suppose that's good enough. Leanne had better win.