Monday, December 1, 2008

i am just a cotton headed ninny-muggins.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, my dear. I kept busy by baking colossal amounts of pie, entertaining bum college students, and watching Bolt in 3D (the most intense movie.EVER).

Today is my birthday* and I just opened my shiny new camera, which means pretty soon we'll have real live photos, folks (gasp). Until then, I am just sitting around watching Elf, eating this birthday cake that I am convinced is Hanukkah themed, and wondering if me and Buddy were separated at both. We both enjoy the same pastimes (see: making snow angels, smiling, eating Tollhouse cookie dough, snuggling etc.)

Oh and I'm also loathing the rain. For crying out loud, it's not even snow, it's just weird sort of slippery sleet stuff that seeps into your socks and gives you the sniffles. And I can't even wear a cute raincoat. I just resemble Randy from a Christmas Story (You know, in that part where his mom makes him where like 12 parkas and he can't fend off the bullies. STORY OF MY LIFE) for most of the wintertime. I need some alternatives to keep me toasty...

1.Yokoo Citron Snuggler, Etsy, $50. This is essentially the outerwear equivalent of your childhood blankey. Basically anything by Yokoo has my heart.

2.Long Yellow Gloves, Forever 21, $6.80. My mom came home with these bad boys last week and I keep *borrowing* them.

3.Aspen Anorak, Delias, $79.50. This would keep me warm without the whole Michelin Man look.


Zora said...

happy birthday!
and yum, baking pie on thanksgiving sounds lovely.

love your blog, btw i saw the post on tv.


Kat said...

your mom's cool enough to shop at forever 21? jealous!! anyway, i love all three of those items. wish i could afford an 80-dollar anorak, especially one as cute as that...

Kat said...

oh and by the way, i've added you to my blogroll. you're just that cool.