Monday, November 17, 2008

walking on sunshine.

I'm sitting here wearing these flats . I swear, every time I look at them I smile a little. Unfortunately, I have to take them off soon and bid adieu for two weeks, as they're supposed to be a birthday gift. And I was so close in kidnapping them and their lemony yellow goodness...

Me: -hears the mailman- The mail's here. I shall go get it! -squeals at sight of Urban Outfitters package-
Mom: Is there anything good?
Me: at all. Nothing. Just a Dr. Leonard's* catalogue and some bills.
Mom: What's in that box?
Me: Bagels with lox? That sounds great!
Me:What? -smuggles box-
*seriously, if you know what this is, can we be lifelong friends?

And speaking of birthdays, I am now the proud owner of a Canon Powershot randomnumbersidonotbothertoacknowledge. That, too, was unable to be kidnapped despite my best efforts with the awkward Best Buy kid. You'll just have to wait until December for this blog to become slightly less lame.


MOLLY GRAY said...

i have ones that look pretty similar to those but mine are in gold.

In-tree-gue said...

I would probably smuggle those shoes into my grasp aswell =)

hazel said...

i have a canon powershot and it is LOOOOOOOOOVE.