Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sock It To Me

Coveting socks is not commonly a problem in my life. Seriously, dear reader, have you ever seen a pair of socks and thought to yourself "Wow, those are just...breathtaking. I absolutely need them" Yeah, I didn't think so. Unless, that is, you've been unlucky enough to experience frostbite, in which case, I bet socks were all you could think about...

So, as I was perusing the legwear selection of, I experienced sock envy when I stumbled upon these lovely specimens, below.

These socks, by Betsey Johnson, can take your ankles from,well, ankles to graceful ballerina limbs in the time it takes to tie them. I can just imagine wearing them with some colored tights underneath and a pair of black flats, while annoying everyone around me as I poorly attempt a pirouet in the middle of the hallway.

They're are available at for $12. Yes, $12 for socks is a bit pricey for a kid like me, with a weekly income of $0.32, but considering that they technically are Betsey Johnson-and don't say something along the lines of "for Target" after her name- and that they can enable me to channel my inner ballerina without all the hassle of enrolling in dance class, then I would call that $12 dollars well spent.

P.S. Please ignore my seriously bad attempt at a pun in the title of this post. Thank you.


5:32 In The Morning said...

Never have I fallen in love with a pair of socks.....until now.

mary said...

Those are so cute! I'm sure they'd make my legs look about 2 inchs long but they'd add instant glamour to any flats!

Z said...

Hahah Your posts make me laugh every time!! Love the socks !