Monday, August 4, 2008

Can an ice cream cone solve the global climate crisis?

The answer to that question is no (well, probably not), but that doesn't mean an ice cream cone can't help. You're probably really,really confused, dear reader, and I don't blame you. So, let me explain myself.

This past weekend, as I was taking in the fresh ocean air of the beach, I decided to get some ice cream. Nothing wrong with that, right? So I ordered my favorite peanut butter soft serve in a cup. I thought nothing of this and feasted away. The very (very) sad time came when I had finished my cup of deliciousness.
Absentmindedly, I walked to the trashcan and disposed of the paper cup and plastic spoon. This is a when a thought crossed my mind: "If I had ordered that in an ice cream cone, there would have virtually been nothing to throw away, only to end up in a landfill."

So, my green tip for this week is, order your ice cream in a cone. This is most likely the easiest (and tastiest) way to be a little more eco-friendly. And if you find yourself worrying about calories from a cone, just remind yourself you're doing you're part to reduce waste. Now, as for the calories from the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles? That excuse is up to you.


Good Golly Miss Mollie said...

lol cute tip! i love your blog!

Little Miss Quirky (a.k.a. Gabby) said...

Thanks! Yours is great, as well!

Z said...

I've thought that so many times, thanks so much for posting it !

P.s. love your blog, added you to my blog roll :

Z said...

oops, Im so used to writing www but it's

Little Miss Quirky (a.k.a. Gabby) said...

I love yours, as well! I'll add you to mine!

Kat said...

I always, as a little kid, balked when my mother ordered me ice cream in a cup. That takes all the fun out of it!
Apparently I was also very environmentally friendly.