Thursday, February 4, 2010

she comes apart, but she's so together!

Did you guys have ridiculous collections as a child? Because I did;  Beanie Babies, a brief stint with Legos, Betty Spaghetty dolls. (OMG DOES ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER BETTY SPAGHETTY? PLEASE SAY YOU DO. OMG. NOSTALGIA. INTERCHANGEABLE PLASTIC HAIRDOS. OMG.)

My mom collected Madame Alexander dolls, back when they didn't cost an arm and a leg and you could go buy one at the drugstore for like 5 cents and, like, sip an ice cream soda and ride your bicycle off into the distance. I remember I was so excited when McDonald's released Madame Alexander happy meal toys, that my mom took me there for lunch everyday for a week. We were just so set on collecting them a
ll. That and it gave us an excuse to eat french fries everyday. 
ANYWAYS, Jason Wu is designing a collection of dolls for Madame Alexander. These probably will cost an arm and a leg, but oh the cuteness IT HURTS. THAT HAIR, OH! This is unreal. I need a commemorative t-shirt immediately. And a cheeseburger. 


ALEX said...

oh hi hi hi gabby! I literally just found your blog, and most definately did not just go through all your posts :) I absolutely love your blog, and I must be frank and say "Oh, Gabby, I am absolutely dying for more outfit posts"


Kiki said...

Whoa this post just gave me a HUGE blast from the past! I loved Betty Spaghetty! Neon hair! And I remember I went to McDonalds like 340958340598 times to get those Madame Alexander happy meal toys to.

Oh, childhood.

Jennie said...

yes! loved the mcDonalds version of those dolls. I have almost all of them, although their hair has gone quite ratty by now :*(

Teri Seaglass said...

OH my GOD. BETTY SPAGHETTI! I TOTALLY remember that! Wow I haven't thought of that for how long?!? Thank you for enlightening me!

And I would just like to say. I have been checking your blog for EVER I'm so ridiculously happy you're still blogging! I think you are a beautiful girl with amazing style :).

I'd be honored if you'd check out my blog.
teri at

tegan said...

omg, betty spaghetti! BEANIE BABIES YEEEA i still have all mine, haha those were the days. x

Melissa Walker said...

This is pretty awesome. Dolls walk that creepy-cool line so well!

emily kendall said...

my grandparents used to give me madam alexander dolls every year for christmas when i was little. none of them had as cool hair as this, though!

Korianne said...

Betty Spaghetti was practically my best friend. I still have all of my dolls!