Saturday, February 6, 2010

sew u: dresses

I have the excitement of a preteen child the night before the release of the last Harry Potter book (I'm sorry. I don't know what it's called. I was partial to A Series of Unfortunate Events. Really, I can spend hours discussing the meaning behind Count Olaf's ankle tattoo, but that's for another time)! I have the first and second Sew U books by Built by Wendy and, just like the namesake line, they're so cool and offbeat and functional. 


Jennie said...

haha, those actually look really good! im going to check my library!

tegan said...

oh my goodness gracious YES, A Series of Unfortunate Events, COUNT OLAF'S ANKLE TATTOO he was blatantly in the VFD but for some mysterious reason he left/got kicked out. but then the boat at the end was called beatrice, so was that like... their mum?! and if that's their mum, is lemony snicket their dad!? AHH sorry, geek moment. those books were my life! xo

Penina said...

have you ever read the beatrice letters? lemony was in love with beatrice, their mum, who married their dad anyhow, but for some reason she was going to name violet after him... not sure why. i guess she loved him but not that way. olaf was part of VFD but i guess after the schism he was on... well, i was gonna say the bad side, but people aren't good or bad, they're like chef's salads. =)
did you read the last book? olaf and kit??? how sweet? it's like (ow, gabby) snape and lily... sort of... that comparison is actually making a lot more sense the more i think of it. anyone here obsessed with HP? snape was a death eater to protect lily, right? maybe olaf's whole villainy was a kind of twisted way to protect kit, except lemony never gives us the full picture. ok, too much thinking for one morning. bye, all.

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