Friday, February 26, 2010

well, that she's an axe murderer, of course!

Exhibit A: Moschino Cheap & Chic Fall 2010 R/W
Look at that adorable guitar case bag! It just emanates cuteness! But yet...I feel that it looks so I have seen it somewhere before, like say, I don't know, 19 SECONDS INTO THIS YOUTUBE CLIP?!
I like to think that Rosella Jardini is just like me and sits around watching Gilmore Girls reruns while eating nachos that she'd claimed she was making for the whole family, but in fact, ends up eating the whole plate on her own. 


Maria said...

My thoughts went to that historial moment in quality television too!
Don't you just love the other episode where emily, rory and lorelai are shopping? I think it's like season four or something.
I tend to grab my bucket of ice cream and enjoy following the lives of the infamous gilmores :)

the materialist said...


that clip is hilarious and i really loved how you included it in this post.

Felix Curds said...

...hahaha, don't we all?

Rebecca said...

I thought I recognised that bag from somewhere! Am a huge Gilmore Girls fan so should have known from the off. Really enjoying your blog.