Sunday, January 3, 2010

and if you haven't got a half penny, then god bless you!

I hope everyone's holiday was full of cheer and copious amounts of butter based food things! Mine certainly was. I promise an entire holiday themed post soon, I mean it's not like I'm lazy or toy with a procrastination problem OR SOMETHING SILLY LIKE THAT. No, no I just want to prolong the holiday cheer as much as possible! Yeah! But as a preview, here's what I wore on New Year's Eve. 
Please pardon my pseudo pretending I'm an Urban Outfitters model looking off lustfully into the distant pose here. I'm wore my sister's old Joyce Leslie leopard sweater under Rodarte for Target dress, 3 pairs of tights to protect my delicate child limbs from the cold, and boots whose brand I am unsure of, but that's alright because they give me a false sense of coolness!

That sweater is actually a  v-neck and, when worn that way, looks like something Hilda Suarez might sport. But because I'm just so startlingly brilliant, I wore it backwards and it looked like a whole new shirt, which then prompted my sister to ask for it back! Yes!

What did you guys do on New Years Eve? I spent mine feasting on Chinese food with my family and ending up on my best friend's couch watching the cast of Jersey Shore ring in the new year. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but sometimes I fantasize about having a pretty apartment and frolicking around in a sparkly dress with a tray of pigs in a blanket and noisemakers on New Years Eve. The amount of time I spend fantasizing about cute cocktail parties I want to hold in the future is inversely proportional to the amount of time I actually spend partying. Also, the amount of parties I am invited to. SHUT UP, I'M NORMAL.

I made a Tumblr! Because I often come across nice things or have random thoughts that aren't really worthy of an entire blog post. That and I obviously need another internet gimmick to check constantly, instead of doing my homework. So add me or follow me or tumble (?) me or whatever the lingo the kids are using!


emily said...

love the glasses! and yeah, i just hung at my friend's house on new year's eve, no parties for me either. ;)

Micaela said...

I was at my grandma's. Surprisingly, it was one of the most fun New Years Eve parties I've ever been to

teri seaglass said...

Hello adorable! I love your writing voice :) just thought I'd let you know. Your outfit is also adorable; I sometimes try to wear things backwards too, but most of the time, I can't work it. :( Cute, cute stuff! And a confession? Gosh I spend a lottt of time dreaming about parties I'll have in the future, too, except they are dressy tea parties in gardens and I'm always wearing dusty pink frocks.

teri at

TheStarrkeyKid said...

love your hair and blog is AMAZING...think i may have to follow you m'dear for some inspiration...and we're close in age so thats always fun (:

bear in mind if you check out my blog that i'm still very new at this (eeek) so any comments or help would be much appreciated...

keep up the good work

TheStarrkeyKid x

Sharina said...

Amazing blog!! I love your posts. I love the prints on your outfit too :)

Pots and Pins said...

A friend sent me your link so I could see the great tutorial on zipper roses - I think I'm going to make a half dozen or so today for friends for Valentine's old lady friends will love 'em! I love your blog - it's fresh and fun - thanks for the great read! xo, Nan

Michele said...

Lookin good!

Walk The Sand said...

Cute dress. Love it.