Thursday, September 3, 2009

i was takin' a walk.

Yeah. I know. Three weeks, no post.  That's because I am here in the summer heat making delicate oddities to sell in my Etsy shop with my own two bear paws. Actually, this is a lie. We totally have air conditioning, I spend 12% of my day working on the Etsy shop, and I like to think of my hands as dainty and ladylike (if you are wondering, the other 82% of my time is spent eating oatmeal and choreographing dances to Hall & Oates in my basement. I HAVE MY PRIORITIES.)

I have just been wallowing in laziness until school starts next week, but amidst my lounging on the couch, I have gathered some deep, philosophical thoughts:

1. I should make a DIY version of this shirt. I saw it the other day while flipping through my mom's Lucky magazine and since I love mostly everything with bows, it sang to me. Yeah, literally jumped off the page and belted out I Was Made For You.

If the folks at Net-A-Porter think I am going to dig through my sofa cushions to come up with $135 worth of change, they are mistaken. Get me a Hanes sweatshirt from the Target boys department and some black fabric and we're in business.

2. Egg creams are delicious. Do you have chocolate syrup and milk and some seltzer and a glass and a spoon? Yes? Go make one. Your soul will thank me.

3. Project Runway is boring me, gang. And don't even say it's Lifetime's fault because a channel that has brought such masterpieces as Pregnant at Fifteen and Terror at The Mall CAN DO NO WRONG. If the challenge tonight does not lead them to a fish market where they must construct corsets entirely out of  bones and duct tape, I will shake my fists in anger.

Well, that's that. The Etsy shop should be up in the next week. Start filling that jar on your kitchen counter that says "Funds to support that 15 year old mastermind with startling good looks."

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Grace said...

I really agree about project runway, it's pretty boring so far. I like that top you want to diy, that looks cute.