Monday, August 17, 2009

summertime clothes

Remember how I mentioned I was making a dress a few weeks ago? Here it is!
I don't think this picture does it justice ("Digital cameras are for sissies. I like the anticipation of the one hour photo." -my dad). This is the first thing I've sewn that has not turned out like something Holly Hobby would wear to bed (who is Holly Hobby anyway? Why am I using this reference?).

I'm a little bit sad that my classes and days of painfully awkward modeling are over. Now I'll just be returning to my ways of lounging around in my pajamas and eating peanut butter, using the excuse that it's summer and this is what I'm supposed to be doing GOSHDARNIT (In other news, I just said goshdarnit...).

That is, until school starts. I always spend the end of the summer with this illusion in my head that I will purchase a whole new polished wardrobe and an arsenal of shiny school supplies and everyone will return chipper and friendly and I will stay organized and read tons of classic literature. Seeing as I, unfortunately, do not live in a Disney Channel sitcom, this never happens. 

P.S. I saw some overpriced, glued zipper flower accessories at Urban Outfitters a few days ago and felt really excited that I had successfully beat THE MAN. I'm thinking of starting an Etsy shop. What do you guys think of that?


Anonymous said...

That dress turned out fabulously! I think the zipper roses add a nice, edgy touch.

I think starting your own Etsy shop is a great idea! I'm always tempted to after I see something in a store that I could easily make cheaply myself and be beating THE MAN at the same time!

And yes, Larabars really are the essence of life. I was basically skipping through the aisles of Whole Foods after I found the new flavors.

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Anonymous said...

dude. IMPRESSED WITH YOUR SKILLS. why can I not be gifted with a needle and thread? Instead I just rip/cut things up :-)

haha, funny, I have the SAME exact illusion completed by the fact that EVERY YEAR I say I'll stop my procrastinating ways...hasn't happened :-)

Style Bird said...

I love this dress!