Saturday, September 19, 2009

the entire confection.

I was talking with a friend today about our favorite scenes in a movie, of all time. I determined this is mine.

Those notoriously charming folks that comment at Youtube share my feelings, more or less:

"dam tht cake looks good-i know yall r thinking it too!"

"This IS epic caek."

"Hidden scenes - The revolting fat child dies of coronary heart disease not long after."

"I would need a freaking ton of milk to get through that thing..."

"he is my hero! i chugged my capri sun when he was eating the last of the cake and screaming!"

"i totally feel like him now. cause i'm eating half a pie"



Kylie said...

I get sick every time I watch that bit... I remember being truly horrified when I first saw this scene in theatres. I do have a soft spot for Matilda though... I went through a "Matilda phase" when I was about 8. Hair bows, and t-shirt dresses... nice...


Taj said...

instant follow!