Monday, November 2, 2009

someone in my dictionary's up to no good

When it rains it pours, homework-wise. I'm really happy about that because I was beginning to worry I would be able to have time to blog/enjoy life again. I need to stop making excuses. If I have time to record fifteen minute videos of me eating chocolate pudding whilst simultaneously lip synching show tunes (a skill that, I must admite, I am quite proud of) for my friends, I have time for blogging GOSHDARNIT.
I'm giving up on this whole "hair" concept.

I made one of these Formspring contraptions, where you anonymously ask me questions or gush out your feelings or talk about some really great food you had and I can live vicariously through your stomach, and then I'll post and answer them here. My dear pal Hazel has one and I've admired it for sometime and because I am going through such a rut thought it might liven things up a bit around here (Have you noticed? This blog has become a bunch of posts of me complaining about complaining about not posting and then taking angsty self-portraits.) 

So please, ask way, dear friends.


AFitz said...

your hair is BEAUTIFUL girl

Michele said...

cute curly hair! now why do I like curly hair on others, but not on myself? lame