Sunday, October 4, 2009

fixing a hole.

Why do I never consistently post?
a.) I am currently swimming a sea of homework.
b.) I am just lazy.
c.) I spend all my free time googling where I can find Indian food within a 5 miles radius.
d.) I am busy cutting holes in my future prom dress, ala the Viktor and Rolf number below.
e.) I'm contemplating the natural food coloring thing going on with beets.
f.) all of the above.
  P.S. Take a look at the new header by Audrey Malo! Visit her Etsy shop, full of many delightful prints.


Audrey Malo said...

hey gabby, thanks for the commission, it was a pleasure to do this for you :) i'll be reading your blog religiously !! also, i made a mistake in the blog header (stye instead of style, oh oh) i sended you a new link for the corrected picture in our etsy convo :)

emily said...

viktor and rolf was amazing beyond words. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice header!

Jennie said...

omg the dress is so funny haha! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE post pics of your prom dress when it's finished!