Tuesday, May 5, 2009

apple tree.

YIPPEEEEE. I've been tagged by Hazel the magnificent. You should go read her blog because it is really the cream of the crop. It is like the Betty White of blogs (i.e. inspiring,original, uh GOLDEN).

For you pleasure, here are 7 random things about yours truly...
1. I always eat my food at home with a dessert fork. It doesn't matter in a restaurant, just when I'm eating at home. My mom used to give me one to use when I was little because it was easier to hold and I've never broken the habit. I'm sort of worried that one day I will be married with kids, still eating dinner with a dessert fork.

2. I have a vinyl collection, but no record player. It's kind of depressing.

3. Someone threw a rock through my front window last week. I wish there was some cool reason for it, like a riot breaking out between my neighbors over who's chrysanthemums are prettier. But no, it was just some ultra classy kids who obviously cannot achieve thrills by swinging on tree branches like myself. Sigh. 

4.I don't like Doritos. Fake cheese powder creeps me out.

5. I think bruised apples are the the best kind of apple.

6. My favorite movies are ones about dysfunctional families. 

7. I hate brushing my teeth. It's not that I don't do it, it just makes me feel like my life is repetitive and tastes like fake mint. 

I think I shall tag Kat, Mary, and Anna.


hazel said...

that is the best compliment i've ever received about my blog thank youuuu

Kat said...

i've been waiting forever to get tagged in one of these things! yaaaay!

also, betty white is more gangsta than most americans.

Mary said...

OOooo! I must do this soon!

I eat my stuff with desrt forks too! Seriously... I hate regular sized so much.. so us go!

AFitz said...

thanks for tagging me....I will do this soonish!