Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For lack of a better post, some highly intelligent thoughts:

+Thursday I go to the big hoe down (could that be a pun? i think that could be a pun) in my school gym. Read: not excited. All I can say is that there better be some brownie bites at this function or else I will stand around and sulk over missing a 30 Rock repeat.

+Ikea is becoming my favorite place in the world. I don't need Billy Mays-like screaming to convince me to buy something. I just need someone to slap on a name like Heidltorg to a potato peeler and I'll buy three. Oh and they have $1 frozen yogurt there. 

+There is currently a zit protruding from my chin. According to the internets, this one could be classified as a nodule. Just thought you should know. Seriously, looking for a good time? Go to google images and search pimple diagrams. 

+I am thinking of blogging about food. Or a food blog. Could you guys handle that? Would you read it? WOULD YOU?

+I got some matte red lipstick for that said occasion. It sort of makes me feel like 40's screen siren and not someone who has a legitimate fear of breaking their ankle because they cannot walk in heels.

+Speaking of the word legitimate can we stop abbreviating it, teenage society/people who like to appear like aholes . I am not very down with the kids these days (Example:Where was I at 11:30 Friday night? Watching Golden Girls. On Lifetime.), but when I hear someone add "legit" to a statement it overrides all truth. 

"I bought this Rolex for $15. And I ate ice cream for breakfast! Like legit!"

Alright. Uh huh. I'm on to you,kid. Maybe legit just means "cool," "tight,"or "rad." I don't know, but excuse me while I go fix myself a glass of Metamucil and OJ and turn the dial on my television to Wheel of Fortune.


These days are rough, you guys. I mean, we are in a RECESSION. A girl needs to take all necessary measures to claims dibs on her sort of rotting morning banana half.


Anonymous said...

legit is for le-losers

Kat said...

Okay Gabby, and Mr. Or Mrs. Anonymous, Legit happens to be the coolest word ever, and I don't think you can handle it, so maybe it's for the best that you don't use it.

teenfashionista said...

Food blog yesssss please!

peaceloveorange said...

I think I could handle some foodbloggin'. Funny that you referenced Billy Mays when he just died. Well, not really funny so much as coincidental.

Anonymous said...

"oily secretion from pus gland" it really was not that great of a time.