Friday, July 10, 2009

saltwater queen.

Forget those ubiquitous gladiators that everyone and their mom has (I'm not kidding. She has them. Go look in your mother's closet. I'll wait.), retro made-for-toddlers-who-run-around-the-playground sandals are where it's at! 

My Saltwater Sandals came in the mail today. Even though this pair is made for women, the sizing says youth, which just makes me feel really young and vibrant and almost not drink my Metamucil. Almost. They make me so happy that I decided to go outside and frolic in joy with the woodland creatures of my yard.
It did not go over very well. 
(shirt: diy of an old v-neck. One of these days I'll make a tutorial on it. Maybe. skirt: old Tommy Hilfiger dress. belt: ripped off of my mom's target shirt. A rebel I am.)
This pattern reminds me of Liberty print. I fashioned this skirt out of an old Tommy Hilfiger dress I got at TJ Maxx in the fourth grade. Radical stuff, I know. 

P.S. I want to make a new header, but am photoshop/html challenged. If anyone wants to help a girl out, drop me line in the comments or email. I will pay you with my love! And a DIYed t-shirt.


hazel said...

i'm photoshop + html expert. not really.


Kat said...

The thing that will forever set me apart from every other fashion blogger is that I don't dress fashiony every day. Rarely do I ever. In fact, right now I am in my American Eagle boyfriend jeans and a Hello Kitty waffle hooded shirt. I don't know where you get the energy to look so fabulous every day.

Gabby said...

I don't. I take pictures and then it's back to my cow t-shirt purchased at walgreens!

Tori said...

Cute shoes!! Love your curly hair! I wish My hair would get curly.

lizz said...

yay for the woodland creatures!!!! haha u r so cute!! have a fab day!! xoxo

alexis said...

I love the skirt, it's adorable :)

Kat said...

They sell shirts at Walgreens? I am SO THERE

Korianne said...

I am not going to lie. I am sort of a pro at headers if you are still looking for one. Here's my layout blog for examples:

Paloma Rose said...

I HAVE THOSE SHOES. I was also pleased to find that they had a youth label. I also wondered what child on earth would have a foot as large as mine. Just the other day, I saw a little toddler wearing them! Toddler fashion is where it's at.

av女優 said...