Sunday, March 1, 2009

such a funny thing for me to try to explain.

In case you were wondering,I am alive. I've been kind of sort of busy with a semi-ish life (shocking, I know). And the Book Cover Archive has been sucking up all of my free time like a Bounty paper towel (bah dum ching!... no?).

There is so much I should talk about (fashion week, The Oscars etc) , but you've probably heard enough. And besides, today is a snow day all I want to do is go eat pancakes and watch the food network and listen to this song.



Mary said...

haha I worded it wrong, I meant I have gap kids ones almost exaaactly like it, oops!

I love the books, so funny! And the song... I love remakes of other songs... have you ever heard of the emo version of lil waynes lollypop?

Kat said...

Oh my GOODNESS you're wonderful. Honestly, Gabby, you complete me. You've introduced me to both I Am Neurotic and now the book cover archive. i LOVE you.

Z said...

I looooove the book cover archive ! Totally guilty for judging a book by it's cover :)

Copycat Sasha said...

haha i like the photos